Iyad Addawood

Research Associate

Center of Excellence for Telecom Applications (CETA)

Iyad previous experience was in computer and telecommunication engineering. His focus was on building automation set pad to test the performance of WiMAX networks and its devices. Iyad currently holds an MS degree in information and Human Computer Interaction from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is passionate about enhancing user experiences: how to assess users’ needs and then, how to design an effective solution to satisfy those needs. To assess those needs he uses contextual inquiry techniques such as interviews, observations, personas, affinity analysis, etc. In addition, he has a good understanding of usability testing and heuristic analysis. Afterward, to design a solution to satisfy those needs, Iyad applies the principles of design thinking (ideate, create, iterate) to develop the needed solution. His design methods also revolve around using human psychology and behavioral economics studies to enhance user experience. He tries to apply those studies to incentivize and nudge users to do certain actions than other. This is based on a simple principle: a good user experience is the one that does not make the user think. This combination of understanding user needs, develop and iterate a solution for them, and uses influence/nudge techniques to enhance the user experience is in short the core of what Iyad is interested in.