Sami Alzeer

Research Associate

Center of Excellence for Telecom Applications (CETA)

Background: I hold an MSc Degree in Communications Systems and Signal Processing. Currently I work as a researcher in the field of array processing and compressive sensing, their application in the Direction of Arrival Estimation for Massive MIMO Systems. I worked previously in the Synthetic Aperture Radar system as an algorithm developer for image formation. Before that I worked as a Comms/Rf engineer in the Satellite systems.


  • Applied Compressive Sensing/ Sparse Recovery method to estimate the direction of arrival of signals in the Massive MIMO systems, in both 1-dimentional array and 2-dimensional array.
  • Developed an image formation algorithm compatible with the picoSAR system which produces a SAR image with better than 3-m resolution.
  • Designed, built and tested an X-band QPSK Data Transmitter for transmitting images stored in a LEO satellite.
  • Designed and analyzed a UHF and VHF wire antennas for LEO satellite command and control transmitters and receivers.
Performed performance testing for the above satellite systems as well as other subsystems such as UHV/VHF transmitters and receivers systems.