Sumaia Alorainy

Research Specialist

Center of Excellence for Telecom Applications (CETA)

IT graduate having data management track from King Saud University. Have the experience to: Develop, test and implement new software programs and applications, design and update software databases, analyze user requirements and convert requirements to design documents, test, maintain and recommend software improvements to ensure strong functionality and optimization and able to be engaged in all phases of the software development lifecycle. Identifying ideas to improve system performance

I worked on many projects during my study and after the graduation, these projects built using different platforms and programming languages. Developing a website for school management system, also an IOS application as a graduation project and being able to identify ideas to improve system performance are the most important things that gave me a very good experience.

I have a background in IOT systems since I worked on GPS Simulator project as a developer with KACST during my summer training, also I am working now on an IOT project with CETA.