What Color? A Real-time Color Identification Mobile Application for Visually Impaired People

2014    Communications in Computer and Information Science, vol 435. Springer    Information & Communication


In this paper we present an iPhone application that facilitates the operation of detecting colors for blind and visually impaired people in real-time. In order to detect colors, we take the input from the device camera then we process pixel values to produce the color using HSL color space, the detected color will be displayed as label on screen as well as uttering it. Moreover, the application can view a set of colors that match a specific color to help blind people choosing clothes before promenading. We tested the application on a set of blind and visually impaired people to evaluate the application accuracy and usability. Our evaluation showed that the application provides high detection accuracy of colors in different lighting conditions. Furthermore, the application satisfies its users’ needs.


Felwah Alhamed
Hend AlKhalifa
Sara Aldoweesh

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